Jim Thome

As of 2012, Thome is still adding to his career totals, in his second stint with the Philadelphia Phillies. Thome is one of the few players to hit 25 homers in a season for four different teams: Indians, Phillies, White Sox, Twins. He’s also one of the few batters to hit 40 homers with three teams: Indians, White Sox, Phillies.

Thome is almost certainly the most popular Indian in modern times, that is unless you still consider the World War II era modern, in which case Bob Feller can challenge him. He’s wildly popular in the city, but when he was in the uniform of the enemy Chicago White Sox, he received a good deal of boos when in Cleveland. Still, in contrast to the way that LeBron James has been vilified since leaving the city, Thome is still respected by Cleveland fans.