Rogers Hornsby

Some amazing offensive numbers from Hornsby’s career:

  • For a stretch of five seasons, from 1921-1925, Hornsby batted .402 with a .690 slugging percentage.
  • In 1925, when he batted .400 for the second straight season, Hornsby led the league with 39 homers and also struck out just 39 times.
  • In 1924, the right-handed Hornsby hit .449 against right-handed pitching with a .723 slugging percentage.
  • That same season, in the games his team won he batted .504
  • In 1922, when he collected 250 hits, he never went more than a single game without at least one hit.
  • From 1920-1925, a span of six seasons, he went as many as two games without a hit just 11 times, and no more than three, which he did just twice.
  • “The Rajah” batted .393 for his career in the month of April and .392 in September.
  • In 117 games at the Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, he hit .412 with 42 doubles, 28 homers, 118 RBI, a .715 SLG and .502 on-base percentage.