Storm Davis

Back when the Baltimore Orioles were churning out stud starting pitchers like a factory, Storm Davis was one of the most promising in 1982 when he debuted as a 20-year old in a rotation that included Cy Young winners Jim Palmer and Mike Flanagan, and veteran big game pitchers Dennis Martinez and Scot McGregor. A tall, right-hander with a wicked slider, Davis won two of his first three starts as a rookie, but had a difficult time breaking into the crowded rotation and served an apprencticeship until may of his second season. That was good timing – the O’s won the pennant – and Davis was a key member of the staff. He won 13 games, including seven of his last 10, while posting a 3.59 ERA and tossing six complete games. Davis pitched six shutout innings in Game Four of the ALCS against the White Sox, and got the win in Game Four of the World Series against the Phillies.

Incredibly, despite his potential and big game experience, Davis started the ’84 season in the O’s bullpen. When he got into the rotation he won 14 games and lowered his ERA to 3-12, half a run better than the previous season. He was a .500 pitcher the next few seasons, and he was still only 25 years old when Baltimore traded him to the Padres after the ’86 season for catcher Terry Kennedy and reliever Mark Williamson. By August, Davis was moving north to Oakland to join the A’s. As a member of the A’s rotation during their three consecutive pennant-winning seasons from 1988-1990, Davis averaged 14 wins per year, topping out with a career-best 19 in 1989 when he won a second ring. But even though Davis won 19 games for Oakland in ’89, because he was the fourth starter on that team, he only got one start in the post-season, losing Game three of the AL Playoffs to the Blue Jays. It proved to be the only loss by the A’s in the post-season.