As of December 2013, has 9,500 unique visitors per month and is growing rapidly. We have ambitious plans to expand our reach via social media and a mobile application in the near future.

Our visitors are sports fans who read articles online on a regular basis. Here are some facts about our readers:

  • 62% are male
  • The largest age demographic is 35-44, with 14% of our visitors in that range. The next most common is 25-34, with 11%. 40% of our readers are 35 and older.
  • With 40% of our readers at 40 years or older, they are more likely to: be employed, possess disposable income, take a yearly vacation, purchase an automobile at least once every two years, and have children.
  • 84% of our visitors plan to attend a sporting event in the next 10 months
  • 63% of our visitors are active in a sport themselves at least once a week.

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